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Clinically Tested
A breakthrough double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial has shown the proprietary, active SizeGenix® complex dramatically increased erection size and increased "free" testosterone levels 74.7%. The testosterone increase happened in only 12 days!

Unmatched Potency
SizeGenix® utilizes the highest-grade compounds available and puts them through a purification process and a "super critical extraction process." Our potency is unrivaled in the industry and we have the laboratory test results to prove it.

United States Patent 6,673,377

SizeGenix® is the only male enhancement product to be protected by a U.S. Patent. No other male enhancement product has our Wave Surge® technology, high potency ingredients, delivery system and they certainly don't have a United States Patent! No wonder we are creating a worldwide phenomenon!

SizeGenix SizeGenix
Nitro Oxide Wave Surge Technology

We do not use any fillers.

No Weak "powdered"
ingredients that others use.

We synergistically blend it for maximum effectiveness.

While other companies use cheap "powdered" formulas with not delivery system technology we did things different and it makes all the difference in the world. We have cultivated great relationships with the key growers, herbalists, and even tribesmen in their native regions of Indonsia, Thailand, and Maylasia, where our ingredients come from. This ensures us the highest quality, and most potent sources of Butea Superba, Tribulus Terrestris and Long Jack, which are the three cornerstone herbal compounds in our formula.

Then the Magic Happens! We have developed a technology that takes L-Arginine Nitrate, which produces Nitric Oxide. We have positioned the L-Arginine Nitrate in our formula to be released FIRST, ahead of the other ingredients, which allows it to reach the two chambers of your penis, BEFORE the herbal compounds make their way deep into your system to the chambers of your penis. With the L-Arginine creating Nitric Oxide that surging ahead of the herbal compounds, this creates just enough of an opening in the two chambers of your penis so that our herbal compounds are able to enter with greater ease, which is the whole key to getting harder and bigger.

87% Hits Pay Dirt! That's The Difference

Most formulas, even the few with strong ingredients, never are able to get ant significant amount of their ingredients into the actual two chambers of the penis - which is where they need to go. It's extremely difficult and even the best of the other formulas only get 15% - 28% deliverability to this key region. SizeGenix penetrates at an 87% deliverability rate!

The L-Arginine creates a "wave of nitric oxide activity" at the crucial location and with precise timing. Think of it like a fullback creating a hole for a running back to run through - just a quick opening and a fast running back and dart right through the hole. That's all we needed was a way to "open the chambers" for our ingredients to hit with maximum effectiveness. We developed this technology. We call it Wave Surge Technology. No other company has it, and therefore no other pill can produce the same results that you will get from SizeGenix.

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            We have personal relationships with the top growers of the most important ingredients around the world and so get the best quality ingredients. They save the best stuff for us. We have the relationships built over years to give us this access.

            The primary focus of the formula is to trigger the release of bound testosterone in your cells which expands the chambers of your penis. No other product does this. None.

So What Makes SizeGenix® The Most Talked About, Most Effective Male Enhancement Product Ever Created?

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            Everywhere you look, the media is going bonkers over SizeGenix®. Even the most famous adult film stars in history are raving about it. Ron Jeremy talks about how SizeGenix® has transformed even him! And of course he rated us #1 in the world! But, not only do adult film stars swear by it, but also many, many professional athletes, singers, top flight businessmen and celebrities also use SizeGenix®. Our customer list reads like a "who's who" or the most playboys and ladies men from America and Europe.

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