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We are extremely proud of the results men around the world are getting with SizeGenix®. We have been featured on television reports, we have been named product of the year by a prestigious male enhancement review company, and we are the only natural male enhancement product to be backed by published human clinical trials and a U.S. Patent.

However, what is most important to us, and what should be most important to men considering whether to purchase SizeGenix® or not, is what other men have to say. Here are some samples of what men have experienced when using SizeGenix® and how it has changed their sex life.

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"The clinical trials on Butea Superba show SizeGenix® to be the most powerful male enhancement pill in the world. Men of all ages - not just young men - will see significant improvements while taking SizeGenix®."

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Nothing compares to SizeGenix. This is my miracle pill.

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Must Get More SizeGenix

I was taking two other male enhancement products figuring if I took two, then one of them would definitely work. Or that the combination of the two would make them twice as strong. The two together – I don’t want to bash any company as a small business owner myself, but the two pills were average at best. My erections were harder, but that was pretty much it. I want size and power and decided to try SizeGenix after reading about it on Ron Jeremy’s review site. So far you have not disappointed. It is way better than the other two pills. I felt it in the first week and I am definitely bigger – specifically longer – about an inch. That’s actually a lot in my book. I would recommend this pill to other guys. I must get more to keep it going. Will order another 3-month supply today! Thanks.

Review by Darren

Great Product

Your product is definitely different than any other male enhancement pill I have ever tried. I have been taking them on and off for years. Tried probably 15 different ones and a few are pretty good – Stamina Rx being the best, but it was not a “get bigger” pill. SizeGenix is so strong it’s incredible. I really can tell something is going on in my penis region when I take it. I feel it. The results are better than I thought. I’m definitely bigger, no question. Not 3” inches like some guys claim but I’m a good inch or more longer. Been taking it two months and will take for 7 months and report back to you. So far, so good.

Review by Stephen


I bought one bottle from you guys about a month ago. I went in thinking, this is not going to do anything, but I was curious. After about a week I was going to throw the bottle in the garbage. I really didn’t feel anything or notice any difference at all. Then at about the 10-14 day mark I had sex with my wife and it was absolutely unbelievable! My dick was bigger, my orgasm was like opening up a firehouse, I couldn’t believe it. My wife said I felt bigger. She could feel me reaching deeper and wider than ever before. Great time. I would recommend Sizegenix to anyone.

Review by Bryan
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Very Good Product

I bought a three month supply of your product about two months ago. I was interested in trying it as my penis is below average in size and I always feel insecure with women. I have a girlfriend but still I am self conscious because I know I have a small penis and she knows its small, even though I’m pretty tall, it just of isn’t what I hoped for. So I bought and I am very glad I did. Already I am bigger. Literally my penis is wider but most importantly it’s almost two inches longer. In my world that’s a mile! I hope it keep going. I feel great and want to let guys know that SizeGenix is the real deal. It’s a life changer!

Review by Carmen

My Girlfriend Isn't Laughing Anymore!!

Earlier this year I overheard my girlfriend and her best friend Patty talking about sex and guys and my girlfriend told her “she wished my cock were bigger” and that my “cock wasn’t very big” and then they both started laughing about it. Well I say and ad by Ron Jeremy and went to his website and read every word. I loved it. I felt like if anyone would know about cock size it was him. His advice was to try SizeGenix and a few other things, so I bought your product. After about 5 months my cock is now 3 BIG inches longer – and the girth is massive. So the reason I’m writing is to tell you that recently at a party I got my girlfriend and Patty in bed together and fuck the shit out of both of them!! Whose laughing now bitch!! It was the greatest night of my life. You should have see the looks on their faces when we all woke up together – priceless! I fucked them again in the morning. Your product is the best thing to happen to my life – seriously. Thank you and thanks to RJ.

Review by Danny

I Believe it Does What it Claims

I bought SizeGenix and have been happy with some of the results. I like that my penis is much fuller and harder when I have sex. I don’t hang any lower when I’m soft, but it does feel bigger, but doesn’t look much bigger – until I get an erection. I didn’t measure before I started taking the pills, but I know I am definitely bigger. Only drawback, I did get a little bit of a flush feeling the first 3 or 4 times I took it and it lasted like 30 minutes. I’m also not a fan of the way the pills smell. Pretty strong odor if you don’t seal bottle instantly.

Review by Barry

Changed My Life

I was hoping that your product would work. I have tried a few others that didn’t do shit. I decided to get two of my buddies who were also curious to see if it would work and we all bought and took them for three months. One of my buddies loves it and added over 2 inches to his dick. He loves it. My other buddy got a little bigger he said but says he loves how much stronger his dick is. He was hoping to add massive size but is only a little bigger after almost 3 months. And me, well I hit it over the fence! My cock size exploded almost from the beginning. Must be my genetics of something or I just respond better to natural products, but I am over 3 full inches longer. I look like one of those dudes in porn. My dick is bigger than the just about all of the guy I see on the porno sites. All three of us are going to keep taking this amazing pill. It’s like Viagra for size. Viagra gets your dick rock hard and SizeGenix gets you dick longer. Thanks.

Review by Bill

Definitely See a Big Difference in My Size

I have to tell you I was skeptical that this would work, but now I’m a believer. It seemed hard to believe but I was blown away that it made me feel better, sex was better and over time I really did get bigger. About 2 inches longer and its wider too. I’m going to keep taking it at a half dose every day for as long as it still feels good. Love this stuff!

Review by Larry

Does What it Says

Guys this stuff will make you bigger and make sex better. My erections are larger, longer, fuller and more powerful – no question. Great stuff..

Review by Greg

King of The Bedroom

I’m now the king of the bedroom! I have a 9-inch cock and life has never been better. Women just want a big dick. All that other shit goes out the window when I take my pants off and she sees how big I am. Al the rich assholes in town are getting schooled by me. I don’t have the money or prestige of the rich guys, but I don’t care because I got what chicks really, really want. This pill is the best money I ever spent.

Review by Brent

The Magic is Back

I’m 68 years old and could careless how long my thingy is. I can’t take Viagra because of other medications I take. I wanted to see if I could get erections again and it worked! I have been taking it for over five months and after about two and a half months I started to get erections again. I haven’t had an erection in years! I have never written a letter to any company about anything. I’m writing this for other men my age or in my situation to give them an idea of how this pill can change your life. I can now have erections and that’s good for my overall health. My wife is happy again – makes her feel young and desired. Old guys – listen to me – this is natural and it works. Thank you Dr. Saginor for your life changing product. You should market it in Veterans magazines and I know a lot of them would buy your product.

Review by Earl


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